Blenheim Gardens RMO


Blenheim Gardens RMO is a resident management organisation (RMO). BGRMO is a democratically managed organisation who work in partnership with Lambeth Council. The services we provide are governed by a management agreement between Lambeth Council and the RMO. The RMO is accountable to a group of elected board members, who decide how best to manage the services the RMO provides on behalf of all estate residents. Our board members are residents, leaseholders and freeholders who live on the estate.

Blenheim Gardens RMO was established in June 2001 and provides a generic housing management service to residents, leaseholders and freeholders on the estate. The estate consists of 440 mixed tenure properties.

For the most recent performance statistics (March 2020), dowload the attached document

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The estate office

The centre of the estate is fully pedestrianised, with wide paved areas linking the various parts of the estate. The largest of these areas is the central mall that separates Glanville Road and Prague Place from Ramilles Close and Blenheim Gardens. Blenheim Gardens Estate has a number of facilities for residents and visitors including several shops in the small precinct in Prague Place, a post collection office at Blenheim Gardens and a dedicated community hall.

The organisation was awarded RMO of the year in 2003 and received 'Investors In People' status in 2005 (retained in 2008 and 2011 and 2017). In 2008 the Governance Board was awarded The National Federation of TMO's Good Governance Kite Mark (retained in 2011 and 2016) and in 2009 the RMO become a NFTMO Guide TMO, providing support and advice to other TMOs nationally.

Now you can contact the estate office for free on Skype. Our Skype name is blenheimgardens1.

The office address is:

24 Prague Place
Blenheim Gardens Estate

Phone: 020 7926 0158 or 020 7926 0161
Skype: blenheimgardens1
Fax: 020 8678 7021


Google map or MultiMap of the estate office.

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