Hall hire at Blenheim Gardens

The RMO offers the use of the community hub situated at 23 Prague Place, Blenheim Gardens Estate, SW2 5ED for private hire.


General conditions (see full conditions below):

  • All users must act with courtesy to the Blenheim Gardens Estate community and staff members of the RMO at all time
  • No smoking is allowed in any part of the venue. There are signed designated smoking areas outside the premises
  • No drugs are to be consumed on the premises. Any persons found to be consuming a banned substance will be banned from using the venue and reported to the police
  • No goods are to be sold from the venue
  • The sale of alcoholic drinks is not permitted in or in the vicinity of the venue
  • No foul or abusive language will be used in the venue at anytime
  • All users of the venue should avoid undue noise on arrival and departure
  • Hirers and organisers of events in venue are responsible for ensuring that the noise level of their functions is such that it does not interfere with other activities within the building nor causes inconvenience for the occupiers of nearby houses and property
  • The Hirers shall not do, or permit, nor suffer to be done on the premises or within the cartilage of its boundaries including the car park, paths and surrounds anything which may invalidate the insurance of the premises or increase the premium of such insurance and/or which may cause a noise or be of annoyance to the general public or occupiers of surrounding properties
  • Persons hiring the premises will he held liable for any damage to buildings, furniture or other property that is caused due to this hiring/using, and a claim for repair or replacement of such buildings, furniture or other property will be made. Please report all damage to the RMO office
  • The Hirers/users will comply with the RMO’s Email and Internet Policy while using the venue.

Hourly rates for 2019 / 20

  • Residents £15
  • Non-residents £20
  • Commercial £30

Refundable deposits

  • £20 deposit is required from residents
  • £150 deposit is required from non-residents and for commercial bookings

Deposits will not be returned if:

  • damage is caused to any item within the hub and or the hub is left is a unlettable condition following use. 
  • the hall's lights and/or gas boiler is left in operation after the event has closed. The deposit will be used to offset the utility charges. 

Each booking will be allowed 15 minutes at no charge at the beginning and end of the session for setting up and putting away.

Payment must be made in advance.

 All rates are subject to review by the RMO and are inclusive of VAT.

For any additional information or to arrange a booking please contact the RMO office on 020 7926 0158 or e-mail BlenheimGardens@lambeth.gov.uk

Defintion of charge bands

Community and resident

  • Activity registered as a charity with a registration number issued by the Charity Commission and/or
  • A community service/activity that requires paid employees but which invests monies gained outside of its revenue costs back into the group/activity to enhance that activity for the greater good of the community of Blenheim Gardens Estate and/or
  • Activity/group/service governed by an elected or nominated committee with officers and clearly defined written terms of reference or constitution and/or
  • Activity/group/service designed to promote the well being of the community or sections of the community through meeting an expressed or defined need and/or
  • An activity which provides no personal profit or gain to any single individual or group of individuals.

Health and education

  • Activity/services designed to promote good health within the community of Blenheim Gardens and/or
  • Activity promoted through recognised health agencies designed to inform or train groups or individuals in the community on health issues and/or
  • Activity being promoted (for profit or non-profit) designed to engage individuals or groups of individuals in physical activity and/or
  • Specific projects or initiatives with defined objectives and agreed timescales focused on health and/or education issues and/or
  • Tutorial classes (for profit or non-profit) of a cerebral or physical nature, designed to educate, inform, or to achieve a personal level of physical fitness and/or
  • Seminars, conferences or meetings of a general nature focused on health or education issues.

Private or family social

  • Family or social functions designed to celebrate special events and anniversaries and/or
  • Family or social events that, for whatever reason, are the cause for parties or celebration and/or
  • Religious events that include family or social celebration as an integral part of the event or as an additional element and/or
  • Family or social functions that include the consuming of food and non-alcoholic drinks whether prepared on the premises or not.


  • Activity/service promoted to gain financial profit for any individual or group of individuals through the levy of a charge to its participants or through the sale of a product or products and/or
  • Activity designed to achieve financial gain or profit in kind to an established company or commercial enterprise and/or
  • Activity designed to promote the products or services of a commercial company.


updated 1/5/2019





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