STAR results

M·E·L Research was commissioned to undertake a Survey of Tenants and Residents (STAR) for Lambeth Living, on behalf of Lambeth Council. The method of approach consisted of selecting a random, stratified sample frame of 6,500 Lambeth Living residents, and a census of 5,057 Lambeth TMO residents with the aim of achieving 3,210 responses. This approach was designed to produce a sample of responses of sufficient size to allow robust analysis of the results by tenure (i.e. tenant or leaseholder) and for the combined TMO stock. There was a 32% response rate overall.

From the responses received from the 11 TMOs in the borough, Blenheim Gardens RMO was ranked second, missing out on top spot by just .32%! Overall, TMOs out performed Lambeth Living in all service areas.

Blenheim Gardens RMO would like to thank the estate residents who participated in the survey. The full report is available from reception.

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