Gas safety

If you smell gas

  • Do not turn electrical switches on or off
  • Do not use the telephone as this may generate a spark
  • Do not smoke or use a naked flame
  • Open all doors and windows
  • Check all appliances to ascertain if any have been left on in error
  • Turn gas off at the meter
  • Leave the premises and telephone 0800 111 999

Why it is important to have your gas appliances serviced every year

Staying safe

Each year in the UK about 30 people die in their own homes from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning caused by poorly-installed or badly-maintained gas appliances and flues.
That is why it is important to make sure that the gas appliances and flues in your home are safe. We do this by carrying out a free safety check and servicing every year. By law we have to:

  • Make sure your gas fittings, pipe work and flues are maintained in a safe condition
  • Carry out a safety check every year on each gas appliance and flue
  • Have all installations, maintenance and safety checks carried out by Gas Safe registered gas installers, and
  • Give you a copy of the safety check record (CP12)

Even if your gas water heater, gas fire, central heating or combination boiler seems to be working well, we still need to check it every year. We arrange this work through carefully chosen gas contractors who will:

  • Make sure you are safe
  • Provide you advice on how to get the best value from your gas bill, and
  • Carry out any necessary repairs

Gas danger signs

If you haven't had your gas appliances and flues checked in the past 12 months, you must contact your estate office immediately. Your life could be at risk. If you notice any of the following danger signs, you should switch offthe applianceimmediately an contact us straight away:

  • Soot around the appliance
  • A yellow or orange lazy flame
  • A lot of condensation in the room