• We will agree clear standards of cleaning with residents
  • We will publish our cleaning standards on our website, newsletter, and notice boards
  • On a daily basis, we will clean and litter pick estate areas, paths, roads and parking areas
  • On a weekly basis, we will sweep, mop, and spot clean walls, staircases, corridors and lobby areas
  • We will check and clear blocked rubbish chutes and remove bulky waste items and fly tipped waste
  • We will provide recycling bins
  • We will check estate lighting, change light bulbs, clean light shades, and report faults
  • We will report any repairs needed to estate offices and any anti-social behaviour incidents to the office
  • We will remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours of it being brought to our attention
  • We will survey our customers for their opinion of the caretaking service and ensure that their views are taken into account in service development

To help us deliver a great service, you can help us by:

  • Let us know if there are problems with any of our rubbish collection facilities
  • Keep all walkways, landing and other communal areas free of all personal belongings
  • Do not dispose of large items of rubbish on the estate - use the RMO's free collection service or use the estate cages
  • Ensure that items placed into rubbish chutes are not too big - this will avoid chutes becoming blocked.


updated 2/12/2015